Workforce Development Network

The New Hampshire Children's Behavioral Health Workforce Development Network

The New Hampshire Children's Behavioral Health Workforce Development Network (NH CBH Workforce Development Network) develops and delivers cross-disciplinary education and training activities. This education and training targets individuals who work with children and youth with serious behavioral challenges and their families.

The NH CBH Workforce Development Network includes over forty trainers, providers, and individuals with lived experience from the education, mental health, substance abuse, psychology, counseling, and early childhood fields. We welcome new participants.

The NH CBH Workforce Development Network vision for New Hampshire is ambitious.

New Hampshire will have a highly skilled and sustainable children's behavioral health workforce that has the capacity to support the healthy social and emotional development of children, youth, and families. Individuals will be supported to pursue sustainable career pathways with lifelong learning opportunities and appropriate compensation for long-term careers.

The mission of the NH CBH Workforce Development Network is to ensure a highly effective, diverse workforce by building a sustainable, responsive, and effective cross-sector system of workforce development. The system follows New Hampshire Children's Behavioral Health Core Competencies and system of care values and guiding principles.

The Network will do this by

  • Utilizing the existing infrastructures and resources for delivery of professional development
  • Creating criteria and a system for identifying and meeting the professional development needs of the children's behavioral health workforce
  • Creating new opportunities and collaboration for professional development, aligned with the New Hampshire Children's Behavioral Health Plan

The Network's scope is to have an impact on two-year, four-year, and graduate degree programs; certificate programs; job-embedded training and on-site coaching supports; web-based and distance learning programs; internships; and systems consultation.

The NH CBH Workforce Development Network has accomplished much:

  • Development of the publication New Hampshire Children's Behavioral Health Core Competencies
  • Development of online modules on topics related to children's behavioral health including core competencies, early childhood development, cultural competency, youth leadership, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, and others
  • Crosswalk of the children's behavioral health core competencies with undergraduate and graduate programs of study to assess strengths and needs
  • Selection of a family-driven wraparound model and a system for delivery and monitoring of high-fidelity wraparound service in New Hampshire
  • Development of high quality Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) training and technical supports

The workgroups evolve as their fuctions are accomplished. Some current workgroups in the Network are:

The Community Mental Health Centers Children's Director Workgroup promotes the use of the core competencies and system of care values throughtout the state's mental health system.

The Evidence-Based Practices Workgroup supports awareness, access, implementation, maintenance, and sustainability of effective practices so youth and families achieve satisfaction and better outcomes.

The In-Servce Workgroup creates, supports, and promotes workforce professional development activities. The activities include web-based and in-person trainings that are easy to use and maintain.

The Institutions of Higher Education Workgroup creates coursework and gives technical support to undergraduate and graduate programs. The objective is for students to learn skills and get a background on the system of care principles and values, along with the children's behavioral health core competencies. This workgroup also promotes cross-disciplinary learning programs of study, to encourage a broad range of knowledge for a broad field.

The Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Workgroup works to advance this approach in  New Hampshire schools. The group is developing a toolkit and trainings.

The purpose of the Wraparound Workgroup is to develop systems, supports, and processes to implement wraparound-a team-based family-driven planning and support process- in New Hampshire for our children and youth with complex behavioral health challenges.

The Wraparound Workgroup recently developed the following PDF for use during community and agency presentations. It contents great information on Wraparound and Systems of Care.

Systems of Care and Wraparound with FAST Forward Overview


For questions about any of the workgroups, please contact JoAnne Malloy.