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NH lawmakers are currently weighing the state budget. Show up to ask them to fund an integrated and comprehensive system of care that includes statewide access to mobile crisis services!

Budget Hearings:

Mobile Crisis Services are evidence-based, cost-effective supports that give New Hampshire children what they need, when they need it.

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In a rare display of unanimity, the Senate on Thursday advanced two major pieces of legislation aimed at addressing the statewide crisis in mental health services and child welfare.

Senate Bill 11, which allocates more than $10 million to mental health services, and Senate Bill 14, a sweeping $9 million overhaul of the state’s child protection practices, were approved with little debate in 24-0 votes.

Upcoming events


Youth Summit 2019

08:00 AM -
Grappone Conference Center, 70 Constitution Ave, Concord
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Children's Mental Health Awareness Month Kickoff

10:00 AM -
NH State House Lawn, 107 North Main Street, Concord
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