Let's transform behavioral health in New Hampshire

As a policy and advocacy organization, our mission is to support and strengthen a comprehensive and integrated System of Care for children and youth who experience behavioral health challenges in New Hampshire.  The system of care is youth and family driven, community based, culturally and linguistically competent, and trauma informed.


We're committed to


The Collaborative is confident that by implementing the nine goals in our plan, we will see better care for our children with behavioral health needs. Big ideas reflected in our plan are:


  • To provide centralized, individualized community-based services and supports that involve the youth and family in service planning for youth with serious behavioral health needs
  • To create a permanent way of increasing the capacity of the behavioral health workforce, recruiting and training new professionals as well as supporting current professionals and promoting best practices
  • To identify and address behavioral health problems earlier in a range of settings including schools, primary care, and child care  
  • To integrate mental illness and substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment with primary care

A detailed activity plan takes the Collaborative plan and creates sub-goals and action steps in strategic areas of policy, services and supports, financing, workforce, and advocacy. The care system that we are working to build will be guided by national system of care principles.


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