Policy Priorities

The Children's Behavioral Health Collaborative supports state-level policy changes to transform New Hampshire's current mental health and substance use disorder system into one that is comprehensive, integrated, and family and youth-driven. These policy priorities for the 2018 legislative session are crucial for Granite State youth and families.

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 CBHC Position

HB 1275   Relative to the Placement of Minors at the Sununu Youth Drug Treatment Center   This bill directs the juvenile justice advisory board, in consultation with the governor's commission on alcohol and drug abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery, to develop a procedure for minors revived with Narcan to be referred for treatment at the Sununu youth drug treatment center.   Oppose
HB 1341   Relative to the Definition of Child Abuse    This bill adds sexual reassignment to the definition of child abuse.    Oppose
HB 1532   Prohibiting Gender Reassignment Surgery for Minors    This bill prohibits gender reassignment surgery on persons under the age of 18 years.   Oppose 
HB 1560   Prohibiting Medicaid from Paying for Sex Reassignment Drug or Hormone Therapy or Surgery    This bill provides that sex reassignment drug or hormone therapy or surgery shall not be covered under the state Medicaid plan.   Oppose 
SB 331   Prohibiting Medicaid from Paying for Sex Reassignment Drug or Hormone Therapy or Surgery    This bill provides that sex reassignment drug or hormone therapy or surgery shall not be covered under the state Medicaid plan.   Oppose 
HB 1743   Relative to The Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Treatment Fund and Funding For The Sununu Youth Services Center   This bill increases the percentage of money distributed to the alcohol abuse prevention and treatment fund. This bill also repeals the ability of the commissioner to get fiscal committee approval to use certain funds to pay for the operational costs of the Sununu Youth Services Center.   Support
SB 431   Relative to non-academic surveys required to be filed by school districts to maintain federal funding    This bill exempts certain surveys from the consent requirement for non-academic surveys. This bill also provides an opt out for certain surveys.   Support 
SB 487   Relative to License Requirements For Certain Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals and Establishing A State Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services Program   This bill establishes a state substance use disorder treatment services program in the department of health and human services, adds a certified recovery support worker on the board of licensing for alcohol and other drug use professionals, and modifies the requirements for licensure as a clinical social worker, clinical mental health counselor, or marriage and family therapist.   Support 
SB 590   Making a Supplemental Appropriation to the State Loan Repayment Program, Relative to Emergency Involuntary Admissions, and relative to the Child Protection Act and Making Appropriations Therefor   This bill clarifies admission to receiving facilities and other services for persons who are involuntarily committed, makes a supplemental appropriation to the state loan repayment program, clarifies the determination of unfounded but with reasonable concern for possible abuse and neglect under the child protection law, makes appropriations for voluntary services and community-based prevention programs, an makes an appropriation to hire 3 attorneys for DCYF.   Support
SB 313   Reforming New Hampshire's Medicaid and Premium Assistance Program   This bill establishes the New Hampshire granite advantage health care program which shall replace the current New Hampshire health protection program.  Under this program, those individuals eligible to receive benefits under the Medicaid program and newly eligible adults shall choose coverage offered by one of the managed care organizations contracted as vendors under the Medicaid program.   Support
HB 1369   Limiting Educational Assessments to Academic Skills and Knowledge    This bill limits educational assessments to academic skills and knowledge.   Oppose
HB 1319   Prohibiting Discrimination Based On Gender Identity    This bill prohibits discrimination based on gender identity. The bill also defines gender identity.   Support
HB 1811   Relative to the New Hampshire Health Protection Program    This bill reauthorizes the New Hampshire Health Protection Program.   Support
SB 247   Preventing childhood lead poisoning from paint and water and making an appropriation to a special fund    This bill makes universal testing for lead exposure in all one and two year olds mandatory.   Support 
HB 1103   Relative to Financial Responsibility For Voluntary Services Provided Pursuant to A Report Of Abuse or Neglect That Is "unfounded But with Reasonable Concern."   This bill provides that voluntary services provided pursuant to a report of abuse and neglect that is unfounded but with reasonable concern shall be exempt from parental liability for reimbursement and shall be paid from available federal TANF reserve funds.   TBD
HB 1217   Amending the Certification Requirements for School Nurses   This bill modifies the certification requirements for school nurses, repealing the necessity that school nurses be professional nurses certified by the state board of education.   Oppose
SB 359   Relative to Notice to School Districts Of Out-of-home Placements   This bill requires the department of health and human services to notify the child's school of a change in placement under RSA 169-B or RSA 169-D that will result in a change in school assignment. The department and school district are then charged with developing a transition plan for the child.   Support
SB 480   Limiting The Use Of Electroconvulsive Therapy   This bill prohibits the use of electroconvulsive therapy on persons under 16 years of age and individuals who are involuntary patients but who have not yet had a competency hearing.  The bill requires adults and guardians to sign a detailed written consent form before electroconvulsive therapy is administered.   Oppose