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The New Hampshire Division for Children Youth and Families advisory board is putting its weight behind a proposal to add dozens of new positions at the agen

When Grace Griffin was growing up in Rye, a looming presentation in front of her class could send her into a panic attack.

Advocates for elderly services, public education, legal assistance and a variety of other causes made their case for state funding on Monday as the House Finance Committee hosted a public hearing on the state budget for fiscal years 2020-21.

Many came sporting colors for their cause, filling almost every spot in the 400-seat Representatives Hall.

Parents and people with disabilities joined students and survivors of domestic violence Monday in urging New Hampshire House budget writers to support programs that have helped them.

The New Hampshire Senate has approved a bill aimed at strengthening the state’s comprehensive system of care for children with mental health problems.

The New Hampshire Senate gave preliminary approval Thursday to a batch of bills addressing safety and mental health in schools.

The Senate unanimously passed a bill Thursday that would mandate significant improvements to the state’s child welfare system, which legislators described as recovering from a state of disrepair.

On Feb. 20, individuals and families impacted by NH’s current policy of handcuffing individuals in a mental health crisis who are being transported to NH Hospital stood with the NH Community Behavioral Health Association, NAMI-NH, the Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative, and other advocates in support of SB 177, limiting the use of restraints.

In a rare display of unanimity, the Senate on Thursday advanced two major pieces of legislation aimed at addressing the statewide crisis in mental health services and child welfare.

Senate Bill 11, which allocates more than $10 million to mental health services, and Senate Bill 14, a sweeping $9 million overhaul of the state’s child protection practices, were approved with little debate in 24-0 votes.