Letter: Increase availability of mobile crisis services

New Hampshire needs a full system of care to support children with mental health concerns. One of the most important things we can do for our kids is to make mobile crisis services available everywhere in the state. Mobile crisis responds immediately when kids are in a behavioral health crisis, like when they are suicidal. They assess the child, resolve the immediate crisis, and help connect the children and families with supports.

Without mobile crisis services, schools or parents must call law enforcement. Kids are taken to the overburdened emergency department when they are in crisis, since they have nowhere else to turn.

This happened to my daughter when she was in crisis at school. Law enforcement was called and my daughter, who was experiencing a health emergency, was escorted out of school and put into the back of a police car. She needed medical support, not to be criminalized and traumatized.

If mobile crisis services had been available, they could have come to the school and treated her in her own community, where she felt most safe. I would not have had to spend days in the emergency department with her baby sister, desperately trying to find help. My much-loved daughter needed medical care, not to be locked up alone, terrified and waiting for services.

I am far from the only parent in New Hampshire to go through something like this. Our children deserve better. We should have mobile crisis services available for all children.

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