Policies to Watch in 2018

The CBHC's policy workgroup has analyzed potential legislation being brought forth in Concord in 2018 and will focus advocacy efforts on policy changes which will affect children, youth, and families.

The full list of bills which the CBHC has taken a position on can be found here.

Some highlights include:

  • HB 1275, relative to the placement of minors at the Sununu Youth Drug Treatment Center: This bill would create a procedure for youth who are revived with Narcan to be referred for treatment at the Sununu Youth Services Center (SYSC). The facility is only appropriate for a certain level of care, and a young person's necessary level of care should be assessed by appropriate providers. There is a concern that this type of policy would deter people from seeking treatment. For that reason, the CBHC opposes HB 1275.

  • HB 1341, relative to the definition of child abuse; HB 1532, prohibiting gender reassignment surgery for minors; HB 1560, prohibiting Medicaid from paying for sex reassignment drug or hormone therapy or surgery; SB 331, prohibiting Medicaid from paying for sex reassignment drug or hormone therapy or surgery: These bills jeapordize access to medically necessary treatment options for children, youth, and families and eliminate the ability of families and medical professionals to use flexible and gender-affirming approaches and treatments. For children to thrive, they need to feel socially, emotionally, and physically safe and supported. The CBHC opposes these bills.

  • SB 487, relative to license requirements for certain alcohol and other drug use professionals and establishing a state substance use disorder treatment services program: This bill establishes a state substance use disorder treatment services program in the Department of Health and Human Services, adds a certified recovery support worker on the board of licensing for alcohol and other drug use professionals, and modifies the requirements for licesnure as a clinical social worker, clinical mental health counselor, or marriage and family therapist. The CBHC supports this bill.
  • HB 1743, relative to the Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Treatment Fund and funding for the Sununu Youth Services Center: This bill both fully funds New Hampshire's Alcohol Fund at 5% of the gross profits from the state's sale of liquor to be used for prevention, treatment, and recovery of all substance use disorders, and takes away any possibility that those funds will be diverted to operating costs at the SYSC. It is widely-recognized that community-based treatment programs are a more effective response for youth with complex behavioral health needs, instead of institutionalizing them. The CBHC supports HB 1743.

  • SB 431, relative to non-academic surveys required to be filed by school districts to maintain federal funding: This bill prevents any obstruction of prevention and system transformation programs to gather critical information and report on outcomes. The CBHC supports this bill.

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