Communications and Social Marketing Workgroup

The Communications and Social Marketing Workgroup spent the spring and summer of 2014 creating the new

The group has also worked to develop the processes of online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Constant Contact for external audiences. 

For questions about this workgroup please contact Co-Chairs Kelly Untiet or Amy Parece-Grogan.

Members of this workgroup

Kathleen Abate, Karen Ager, Heidi Cantin, Kathleen Desmarais, Amanda Donogue, Patrice Endes, Laurie Foster, Adele Gallant, Haley Heinrich, Effie Malley, Frtiz Mason, Mark Meister, Amy Parece-Grogan, Daryll Tenney, Kelly Untiet and Debbie Williams.

 Minutes from the Communications and Social Marketing Workgroup can be found here: